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Linden Lea in bustling Wadebridge

Guide Price £750,000
The home that enchanted and captured the imagination of buyers all over.

The home that enchanted and captured the imagination of buyers all over.

Dan Steel, owner of stylish four bedroom house Linden Lea, approached Jackie Stanley after being drawn to our reputation for achieving the best value around. We held onto that promise, and marketed Linden Lea with sophistication to showcase this beautiful property in its best light.

When working with such a stunning property it’s easy to get complacent — and while we like to let a home speak for itself, it’s wise to never take anything for granted. As we do with any property we took considered images which captured the essence of the property, in this case focussing on its architectural charm and prize location.

The result was a resounding success. At one point we attended 28 viewings in a 24 hour period. It can be a shock to the system having so much interest, and sometimes the options available can be overwhelming, even in such a positive situation.

Luckily, Dan was pretty relaxed about it all. “He was an old hand at this and took it all in his stride,” explains Simon. “Together, we decided to take it to closed auction to maximise the potential of the sale….”

This meant that over the course of a set number of days, interested buyers submitted sealed bids and Dan was able to make the decision in his own time, without feeling rushed or pressured. And of course, we were on hand as a sounding board throughout.

Initially guided at £750,000, the result of the closed auction was that Linden Lea finally sold for £890,000. The process was smooth among all parties, and Simon and Dan continue to have a brilliant working relationship.

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